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About Sara Ballard

Welcome to Sacred Soul!
I am Sara, the creator and space holder for all that is Sacred Soul.

I am a lifelong joy seeker, lover of laughter, an Intuitive, master healer, Transformational Guide, Community builder, Qoya teacher, retreat leader, and Qoya Teacher Trainer.

My life’s work has always involved combining healing with the body and Holistic Health.

I’ve accumulated over 3,500 hours of training in various Holistic Health modalities (massage, craniosacral therapy, energy medicine) and served thousands of clients in the last 13 years. I’ve found it my mission to apply all of those things in new ways, to the body, relating, communicating, spirituality, business ownership, parenting, marriage, understanding intuition, and so much more.

I've created safe, sacred, and nurturing spaces for women to birth their babies as a Birth/Labor Doula, taught couples valuable techniques for non-verbal and touch communication, brought clarity to people in big life transitions, and held hands with people in their final days through Hospice.

Movement and fluidity is the key to a life filled with joy, adventure, love, abundance, connection, and pleasure.

It is my greatest joy to help people reclaim these aspects of their life through the lens of their bodies, their relationships, and their life's work.

My days are spent connecting with amazing women like yourself, sweating it out in hot yoga, dancing, playing out of my comfort zone, feeling amazing in my body, starting women’s circles, giggling with my 3 kiddos, cuddling with my husband, hanging out with my Mom and family, and finding ways to connect and listen to my own intuition.

I have been continually blessed to be an integral piece of so many lives and journeys. I thank my lucky stars every day to have the opportunity to do the work I’ve chosen (or rather, the work that has chosen me).

It would be a true pleasure to hold sacred space for you in any way you feel called.
Please, email me anytime. 



My dreams

I dream that all women wake up to their soul's calling, to follow their hearts, seek joy, and feel passionate about their bodies, their relationships, and their life's work.