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Qoya - Spirals

Spirals are an essesntial shape of our physical existence. In it's sacred geometry, we feel into the wisdom of the repetition. Our year is not a circular path around the Sun, but a spiral, moving through space and time. With each time passing the same place in the spiral we carry the wisdom of the past, as we move forward, we recognize where we've been and can make new choices. 
The New Year is not a completely new beginning, but a recognition of Januarys past, and a nod to the soul that you've come so far.

Come dance with us as we honor these spirals. 
See you Wednesday at 9:30am OR Saturday morning at 8:30am!

Through movement we remember.

We remember, as women, that our physical essence is Wise, Wild, and Free.

Wise: inspired by the wisdom of yoga
Wild: the creative expression in dance
Free: the freedom to feel pleasure in the body through sensual feminine movement

"Qoya is so much more than movement. Through Qoya we tap into the pulse of life. You know those moments where you see a sunset, when you’re on the open road and life feels full of possibility, when you are caught up in the contagious laughter of a child, when you feel the warmth of your lover’s body in bed, when you experience the fulfillment of work that you are proud of – when life expands and becomes sacred? Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we are able to tap into this essence, this sacred pulse of life. Once we experience it, we learn how to honor and express it. We learn how to cultivate this sense of the sacred, more and more, and not only in our dance, but in our lives." 
– Rochelle Schieck (Creatress of Qoya)

In Qoya, you dance and feel free, connect with yourself AND with all of the other women! There is no other experience like it!

There are no special skills required, just the desire to move, and feel good! We move and stretch the entire body, listen to great music, and seek the pleasure in the movement! For more information about what a Qoya class looks like, please visit

Please bring your yoga mat (I have a couple loaners if you don't own one)

Drop in rate per class is $17
or buy a discounted pre-paid class package

Earlier Event: January 10
Later Event: January 16
Qoya - Spirals