Periscope Reading Bonus Pack

Periscope Reading Bonus Pack


This Reading Bonus Pack is for those who have received a FREE reading by Sara on Periscope.
This is an extension session, from your free reading. 

We'll chat on the phone, Skype or a private Periscope broadcast, whichever is easiest. (Phone only available in the continental US) , for an extra 15 minutes. 
We can talk about your card, and answer any extra questions regarding your reading, (let's go a little deeper!)

Included in this Bonus Pack:

*** 15 minutes 1 on 1 with Sara
*** Video clip of your original reading on Periscope
*** A photo of your card, emailed to you

We will set up your continued reading within 48 hours of purchase (Monday-Friday)
***IMPORTANT*** If you want the video clip of your original reading on Periscope, you MUST purchase this offer within 48 hours of your reading. 

*** These readings are to help you trust your OWN intuition, and guide you back to clarity within. I do not tell the future, answer questions about other people, or choose which direction you should go in life. 
I WILL however help you find clarity, slow the spinning in your head, or help you feel more grounded, to make these big life decisions. ***

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