From the Depths Mini Retreat

From the Depths Mini Retreat

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Join Sara and a small group of incredible women for this deeply expressive, fun, whirlwind of a creative and embodied weekend.

We will be dancing Qoya each day, painting all afternoon, followed by dinner and an evening ritual. There are options for making this weekend either a commuter or residential retreat.

Instead of painting something specific from your mind’s eye, we will be dancing with our canvas’ both metaphorically and literally. Our focus (like in Qoya) is on how it feels vs how it looks. You may decide to hang your piece when you get home, or maybe it will stay tucked away until you’re ready to paint again, just to feel the paint between your fingers. There’s no way to do this wrong. You ARE an artist! No skill, talent, or understanding of painting techniques needed. The only thing required is a desire to get messy, to feel, and a willingness to create from the depths.

Included: Three Qoya classes, all painting supplies, ritual/ceremonies, special gifts, snacks, lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday. Also included is free delivery of your painting for SC upstate locals (or shipping of a canvas anywhere in the US).

Additional options:
Purchase your own canvas: For those who are flying or driving to Greenville from out of town, you may want to purchase your own large canvas from and have it shipped here. Pre-framed canvas’ are included in the cost of the regular retreat, but are impossible to take on an airplane, and difficult to take in a car that is not a minivan or truck. We use 4’x4’ canvas’ for this retreat. I have 2 sets of 2’x4’ canvas’ (we’ll be painting on them simultaneously, but it’s easier to put in a car), for those who may be driving. If you would prefer to have your canvas shipped home to you, I will take care of rolling up your dry canvas and cover the cost of shipping to you in the US. Genie Canvas makes a great product, and they are great to have if you don’t know if you want to hang your canvas in your home or not. They come in a large shipping tube, which is much easier to store than a framed canvas. Please contact me directly if you have questions about canvas.

Residential option - stay here overnight on Friday and Saturday, includes breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
Click here to add your residential stay. All rooms are shared.

Weekend Schedule:

Friday Nov 9th
4pm Welcome!
5pm Opening Circle
6pm Dinner
7pm Qoya Class

Saturday Nov 10th
8:30am Qoya Class
All Day Painting/relaxing
7pm Dinner
8pm Ritual

Sunday Nov 11th
8:30am Qoya Class and Cacao Ceremony
All Day Painting
5pm Off on your next adventure!

Retreat Options:
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